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With over 359K subscribers on YouTube, Ekdev Limbu is the creator of major hits like ‘Aa Hai’ and ‘Aanka Ma Aaune Sapani’ which are now played at almost every Nepali function. He also travels to perform internationally and always seeking inspiration to create good music. Anushka Shrestha of WOW catches up with the talent to know more about his musical journey. Excerpts:

How did you get into music?

I was pretty much influenced by my elder brothers from my hometown, and one in, I have never looked back.

What was the first song you wrote?

‘Aa Hai’ was the first song I wrote with an old friend. We collaborated, wrote and composed together. In this song, he goes by the name Beyond.

You have 359K subscribers on YouTube. How does that feel?

That feels surreal and good. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the love and support but I still have a long way to go and more things to achieve.

How did ‘Aankha Ma Aaune Sapani’ happen?

‘Aankha Ma AauneSapani’ part was already a song but I had a feeling something was missing so I wanted to make use of that verse and suddenly Kendra Motion Pictures approached me for a song and really loved it. That’s how we moved forward.

What was your experience collaborating with Laure?

It was an unexpected collaboration because I have always been a big fan of his work and art as a rapper. The time when we first met during the Assam tour, we just loved each other’s energy and bonded through music. I approached him to collaborate with me on ‘Kina Boldainau’ and surprisingly he agreed.

You recently did some international performances. Tell us about that.

International tours are always hectic but the love and respect we receive from the Nepali community is truly special. It always feels like home away from home.

Any tips for aspiring musicians?

I think the best I can say is try to make your own identity and be yourself. It’s a long and difficult journey but worth the wait. You can get inspired and use your own artistic integrity to be one of a kind.

Favourite venue to perform
It’s the energy that speaks at the end of the day.
One thing you can’t do without
My family and friends
Would love to collaborate with
With whom I can vibe and who understands my music and art

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