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by wowmagazine

In this journey of life, I have met many extraordinary women, many ordinary women, and some ordinary women leading extraordinary lives; each individual, a story of courage, resilience, grit and persistence. They balance home and careers, stand by their life partner and families with quiet strength, meet challenges with a brave heart, love even when they are hurt, forgive often, come home tired and yet are the ones to plan and prepare the next meal, supervise the kids school project, watch cartoons or a sports channel because the remote is always in other hands, shoulder responsibility unflinchingly, and laugh through their tears. They are also the ones who have competently fought to become dynamic forces at the workplace, constantly having to prove their mettle not because of lack of capability but because of their gender. And every time, they must unfailingly walk that extra mile.

In this edition of WOW, we celebrate the journey of some women entrepreneurs and producer groups from across the country who make us believe that change is happening, that women are claiming their equal space in their homes, communities and societies, that they are unbound and their stories break down the barriers of inequality and discrimination.

In a highly patriarchal system, a woman is suppressed in her most basic needs and rights. Her destiny is carved out without her consent. The word does not even belong in the dictionary of a society that prays to female deities yet confines women to domestic chores, making babies, and objectifies her as a source of entertainment. And while I have seen and heard women curse their fate being born a woman, I have learnt that even if given that choice, there is yet a woman who would rather be a man.

And every time a woman smiles when she wants to scream, sings when she wants to weep, laughs when she is afraid, fights for what she believes in, rises against injustice and rejection, she makes me believe in the promise of a better today… and a better tomorrow. However, she has only one fault – she forgets about her merits. WOW’s stories are a gentle reminder of our ability to find strength, to transform, and to inspire change.

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