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by wowmagazine

When something dies and something is born… spring is a bit like that, it reminds you of laying the past to rest and opening up to the present.

These past few years have not been easy for most of us. We have been traversing through political change, economic change and social change. Women have had it harder. We have been long waiting for stability and real change but I think we have somewhere forgotten that these are just human constructs of what we have defined these terms as.

Spring, the most profound of all seasons, is also a month that shines the light on women. March invites us to pay attention to the accomplishments, sacrifices, insights and influences of the myriad women who have shaped the world we live in. And yet in a country where female energy is worshipped, I often wonder what holds women back, what is this imagined border we have created for ourselves, what are the constructs that tell us to be a certain way.

Some of us have endured the darkness for a long time… with quiet resolve, gritted teeth, teary eyes and shaken voice, but not once has any woman given up. Every time, she has been demanded to walk that extra mile to prove her worth, she has done what it takes. What then will it take for women to play in the light.

After a long winter comes spring signifying revival. Our ancestors did not take this return of food and better weather for granted, they prayed for it and yes, they also prayed to the female gods. They always knew that everything is transient, nothing lasts forever, and everything takes its time and will be just as it should. Perhaps, women must allow themselves to break out of the cocoon, not to become men, nor to be hardened but to embrace their femininity and their strengths and to know that they own half the sky. Maybe we cannot fix it all, but it is important to know that all things are possible.
Let this spring be an awakening to our inner light.

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