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by wowmagazine

Life is not a succession of unrelated moments. When you look back, the dots always connect. In the present it may not seem so. The people you meet, the paths you take, the journeys you make, and all the little and not so little significant moments and choices are what make you, you.

Most people are conditioned to look outwards. The sensory stimuli that the world offers often catches us in a web that we begin to believe is what life is all about: owning a house, buying a new car, starting a family, promotion at work, making more money, it just never ends. Happiness thus becomes transient. Here now and gone again. The object to attain happiness keeps changing and with it brings anger, envy, greed, anxiety, pain.
Life may even appear random but that is because of our own inability to see things for what they really are. Here, Pema Chodron’s quote comes to mind: You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.
Some things I do to stay aware and that may help you:

Be uncluttered – whether it’s your physical space or your mind, make space for new journeys, new ideas, new thoughts, new friends, new experiences. Whenever it gets overwhelming, take a little time out to write your thoughts down on a piece of paper, it helps offer greater clarity. You don’t always have to answer the phone, catch the new movie or attend an event; break the circle every now or then.

Be refuelled – just like the fuel you put into your car or motorcycle to keep going, so it is with your mind and your body. Reading is a powerful learning tool. Meditation and exercise free up energy. Sometimes, doing absolutely nothing allows you to draw upon resources that will sustain you spiritually, physically, mentally and socially. Prayer and gratitude are beautiful ways to find the sacred in you.

Be inspired – to evolve and to grow is to be human. To inspire and to be inspired allows us to evolve and become better human beings.

Be discovered – discover your strengths, desires, abilities, passions and dreams. These may change over time and that is perfectly alright. What’s important is to never stop exploring.

BE – Close your eyes and immerse yourself in YOU… no voices, no goals, no pressures… just you! A walk in the nature, sleeping under an open sky, running against the wind, feeling the raindrops on your face; find your rhythm and your pace. Don’t talk, don’t try, don’t struggle. Simply know that you are where you are meant to be.

And remember the things we do daily do matter. Every now and then, think of the invisible dots and you will live your life a whole lot purposefully.

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