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by wowmagazine

The day loomed endless and free ahead of me; no plans, no goals, nothing to do or accomplish. A day just for myself – no phone calls, no messages, no news, no television – just me. I woke to a languid morning absorbing the sounds around me. In the beginning I had to remind myself that this was a day for non-doing. I am in some ways a driven person. I need to do things whether it’s reading a book, writing, scrolling through my phone, working. I tend to keep my hands occupied even when I keep my mind still.

A few days prior, sitting in a café, I observed life unfold outside the window – cars honking, drivers swearing, street vendors shouting, traffic lights, cell phones, loud voices, everybody in a mad rush to get somewhere – and just then, almost magically, the skies started pouring rain. Sheets of rain and everything came to a standstill. People found shelter under trees and doorways, cars were forced to slow down, and the busyness was enveloped in calm, just water pouring from the skies. It was almost as though we were all just where we were all meant to be. Soon enough the clouds broke and the sun filtered through and life’s momentum gathered its busy pace. Those few moments just then offered a huge refuge of quiet wisdom. It is what prompted my decision to just let go and be – even if it was for just one day! 

I chose to do this also because somewhere in the intricacies of life, work and relationships, I realised that many of us have inextricably attached our self-worth to the amount of work we perceive we must do on a daily basis – at times, becoming our own worst taskmasters.

I believe that an hour spent aimlessly looking out of the window, or lying under the stars is the most precious gift you can give yourself.

Every now and then it is important to declutter – whether it’s your physical space or your mind. Doing absolutely nothing allows you to draw upon resources that can sustain you spiritually, physically, mentally and socially. It allows you to discover your strengths, desires, abilities, passions and dreams… and, of what makes you who you really are.

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