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by wowmagazine

Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live in. This quote has always resonated strongly with me. However, its meaning becomes more and more real with the passing years.

Most people have a tendency of taking their bodies for granted. Women especially are conditioned to put themselves in the backseat when it comes to looking after themselves, especially once they are married and have children. Family takes priority and most women find very little time to listen to their bodies, take care of their mental wellbeing, or engage in selflove.

Its also true that we tend to focus more on the exterior than the interiorities of wellbeing. Women will find the time for a facial, makeup and shopping for clothes more easily than find the time to hit the gym, go for a walk or take a yoga class.
Also, what’s true for most of us is the lack of a well-balanced diet and poor food choices. Most of us are aware of what good food is, yet due to time constraints, easy availability of packaged foods, abundance of restaurants and fast-food places, we make what seem like convenient choices yet ones that are detrimental to our health. A functional medicine expert, Dr Mark Hyman points out so rightly: “Every time you take a bite of food, consider that you are programming your biology for health or disease. When you eat healthy food, you are, in fact, eating medicine.

A recent report states that more than half the world will be obese or overweight in the next 12 years. This is alarming because it indicates the state of our health. But what is more alarming is our attitude towards health. Some of us are actually propagating that round is a shape too. Yes, it is a shape but being fat should not be normalized. I understand it from the perspective of people who have underlying medical conditions that make them gain weight but I don’t understand it from the perspective of overeating or eating mindlessly. Yes, fat shaming is a big NO, it is unethical and morally impermissible but also encouraging people to be any shape they choose because they lack self-discipline is perhaps a disservice to your friend, family or colleague. If you truly love someone, you want the best for them. And that includes helping them make the right choices but with sensitivity and dignity.

Whatever side of the spectrum you are on in terms of your ideas regarding the body, always remember, being healthy beats everything else. Always promote wellbeing but with dignity, compassion and honour for yourself and for others.

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