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by wowmagazine

Silence has a voice if you are willing to listen.

Silence has so many interpretations – for some, it is the journey to the quiet within, for some it is an expression of hurt or displeasure, and for some, it is the way to nourish wisdom.

It is also said that silence is one of the great arts of conversation; the absence of sound actually gives emphasis to the spoken word. Some of the biggest communication experts, world leaders and motivational speakers have used silent pauses injected strategically into their speech to make compelling and unforgettable speeches.

In a relationship, it is said that the person who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words. Here, I am not referring to giving someone the silent treatment; instead, it’s about the silent communication people and teams build when they are in tune with each other.

In a world that is increasingly filled with noise, it is important that we grow awareness on the conversations we take part in and the information we consume. It is important to understand that it is not important to have an opinion on everything. It is okay not to know. It is better not to have said things that one has little knowledge of or to speak when you are angry, irritated or hurt. It is also important to remember, that sometimes life does not offer a second chance to un-say and undo words spoken in haste and anger. It is especially important to speak with awareness with your child because you are setting a trajectory to their life path and understanding.

When you want to truly connect with yourself, you have to make room for inner quiet and calm. To not be verbally caught in life but to be in communion with it is the practice of silence, and an important aspect of your inner journey. Many people on the spiritual path often practice hours and days of silence. Inner silence offers us not just quieting of the mind but refraining from judgement and being fully present in the moment.

A yogi once told me: You must develop the ability to find silence in the most crowded place because what you are looking for is what already resides within you.

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