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Dr Sristee Shrestha Prajapati is a Gynecological Oncologist, a career that demands immense time and dedication. As a busy professional, she emphasises the need to balance both professional and personal life.

Dr Sristee is also deeply passionate about social work, female empowerment, raising awareness about cancer, and contributing to humanity. She is the Charter President of the Inner Wheel Club of Madhyapur.
In this edition of WOW, the dynamic doctor tells us what makes her life beautiful.

What do you love about your work

I love my work when I can see and feel that genuine happiness in my patient’s face after treatment. I love my work when I notice how one cancer survivor influences so many others, how one’s hope and faith can revive another’s life. The satisfaction which my work gives me is priceless.

What makes a person beautiful

A person’s beauty is her kindness, happiness, honesty, generosity, positivity and confidence.

What makes you beautiful

My honesty and positivity

What makes life beautiful

The only constant thing in life is its uncertainty, so finding happiness in small things and cherishing your current moment makes life beautiful.

What tickles your funny bones

When my husband tries to sing in his own lyrics

Therapy for happiness

My Pet “Enzo”, no matter how hectic or miserable my day was, coming back home to someone who is always excited and wiggling his tail brings a sense of calm and comfort to me.

Current perfume

Versace Bright Crystal, Bvlgari Rose

You are addicted to


On your wish list

Exploring new holiday destinations with family

You stay fit by

Drinking lots of detox water and exercise

Best year of your life

2003 when I got married

Latest splurge

Green house; a recreational area in my backyard

Skin care



Samsung S21 ultra
Mac book (for presentations and note keeping)

Always in your handbag

Wallet, cell phone, ear bud

What do you do to unwind

Listen to melodious songs with a glass of chilled Baileys

Favourite holiday destination

Italy for its amazing architecture

You always struggle with

My inner thoughts; any sad and bad news affects me a lot and for long

Best thing about being you

I look for positivity in all things

Make up can’t do without

Eye liner

Favourite make up brand


Three things you absolutely do to look your best

Dress up, exercise, skin care

On a bad hair day

Straighten it

One tip you learnt that makes you photo ready

Light eye makeup with a smile

Books or movies

Movies, as I am a lazy reader

Guilty pleasure

Watching YouTube videos and Hindi series

Favourite place to eat in Kathmandu

Alice and Roadhouse

One thing you can’t do without

My cell phone

What advice would you give to your younger self

Believe in yourself. Keep the courage to overcome hard times

Celebrity crush

None, though I admire many

A quote you live by

Serve humanity

Have you ever been asked to change something about yourself?

Short temper

Favourite cuisine


Lockdown lesson

Life is precious, live it gracefully 

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