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by Vartika Upadhyay

Kunsang Tamang Bomjan
Actor & Model

Live and let live. I believe we should all live life the way we want to rather than being under someone’s pressure or expectations. Clothes are merely something you put on to cover yourself. The character of a woman is not in the clothes she wears or the figure she carries. But nowadays, our society judges a woman’s character by her clothes. Often girls are told that they should not wear ‘provocative’ clothes. It’s all perception. We, as individuals, should change about how we look at women rather than changing the way women dress.

In accordance with the situation and environment, dressing up is necessary, but again whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable should be your priority.

Suyog Gurung
Film Director & Founder of OPG Film Studios

As a filmmaker, it is natural to consider and appreciate the aesthetics of clothing as part of your creative process. However, it is important to approach the subject with sensitivity and respect. Rather than making judgments about women based solely on their clothes, it is crucial to focus on the artistic expression, style and storytelling potential that their clothing choices may convey.

Fashion is a form of self-expression, and women’s choices can be influenced by various factors such as personal style, cultural background and comfort. Individuals should be celebrated for their unique perspectives and creativity. Maintaining a respectful and inclusive attitude towards all individuals, regardless of their clothing choices or personal style is also essential. Embracing diversity and promoting positive body image can help create a more inclusive and empowering environment in the fashion industry.

Aayush Shrestha

I feel like I do not have enough audacity to judge women by what they wear, especially considering how I dress daily. My fashion sense can only be described by the word “horrendous”. I have been wearing the same pair of shoes for the last four years, and my own family refuses to recognise me on the days I decide to wear shorts. All my tees are either black or grey, and they are only grey because they used to be black, and it’s been seven years. My idea of a cool wardrobe is t-shirts with comic book prints, and my mother is very worried that I might want to wear one even to my wedding. To sum it up, I do not judge women by what they wear. Because judging anyone, let alone women, by the way they dress would be like the joker judging someone for putting on too much lipstick.

Rupesh Thapa
Cinematographer & Fashion Photographer

Women often encounter situations where they are judged based on their dressing as it is a general human tendency to form opinions about random passers-by, whether rationally or irrationally. But to pass a personal view as judgment or to label someone is morally unethical.
I have had friends whose dressing may not be appealing in a particular society but they are good people inside. I also have seen girls who dressed innocently or decently, but found them to backbite and speak filthy. Or a person may dress to assert their personality – good or bad; nothing is impossible. But you will always be at peace within if you do not judge.

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