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Nirnaya Shrestha

It feels good to see strong independent women. Our culture has taught us about strong independent women with empathy and the heart of a mother like Sita, Kali, Laxmi, Saraswati and many like them and taught us to appreciate and respect them. I feel women have always been strong maybe that’s why all the strong forces of nature that make the world go round are named after them be it mother earth or mother nature. 

People do get confused with the word ‘strong’ and ‘independent’. Strong doesn’t mean aggressive or rude and independent doesn’t mean emotionless, apathetic or insensible. Strong, independent is a nature, a trait that makes a woman beautiful and beauty is to be appreciated. So I have to say, I don’t think there is a reason to be intimidated by beauty.

Ujjwal Shrestha
Executive Director, Panchakanya Group

Independent and confident mind and soul are the greatest virtues that build a character, without which one comes out quite plain. Hence, I’m strongly attracted to individuals who have independence in thoughts and are making decisions for themselves.

Gender is a functional structure of our society which many people do not conform with anymore. I respect people with their unique identity, opinions, experience and their life choices. I believe everyone has the right to thought and independence. I am surrounded by people who are quite independent, from my wife and daughter to my close friends who are all fiercely independent and I love spending time with them bouncing ideas in all sorts of matters from business to personal life. The diversity in perspective they provide is very valuable and this in its own is a reason to open arms rather than feel intimidated.

Amit Agrawal
Co-founder & Director, Khalti

I have a different version of “being independent”. As a man I don’t think I am independent too. I am able to go out and work only because my wife takes care of my daughter, family and house. We are just sharing responsibilities along with our other requirements like social/emotional. I would not have been able to work if my wife did not take care of my other responsibilities. Independence is not just financial, it’s way beyond that. It’s how we choose to divide responsibilities as per situation and respect each other’s duties. 

For the same, we plan to teach our children (be it a girl or boy) everything, from cooking to handling business and also carry forward our values of an integrated family.

Sometimes the word ‘independence’ is misleading and results in disintegrated families which are quite prevalent in the western world. Our traditions and values have helped us retain emotional attachments and family. We are prepared for any type of situation and we have the ability to change roles as per need as we respect each other’s contribution. But yes, we both are happily dependent on each other.

Samraj Gurung
Chairman, Agro Manang

There are a few strong independent women in Nepal and I do get intimidated when I come across such women. It’s good to see women independent and strong in any field.

The world is changing and now women are more open and confident which is good for society and change. I think we need more strong independent women in Nepal to bring positive changes in our country.

My wife is a strong independent woman who I respect and support. I believe women should get equal opportunity as men if they are capable. There must be equal rights and equal competition. Women can contribute a lot to our society besides just taking care of our home and family.

Strong independent women are rare but I believe more and more women are on the path. Respect to all these amazing strong independent women.

Gokarna Awasthi
Director General, FNCCI

I don’t think I have ever been intimidated by people who are in a higher position or at the same level as me regardless of gender. The scenario of our country was such that many women did not get opportunities for education and employment. Even in this hardship if women have made themselves strong and independent and brought themselves ahead, then it is a very inspiring thing. I often look up to such women and have sincere respect towards them. Moreover, I feel happy when I get to meet such personalities.

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