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Alize Biannic
Founder & Artistic Director, SOLIS Performing Arts

Impulse purchase is something easy to do. It can start with a small piece of accessory to a stunning pair of jeans or even a car. I can say I do it three times a week. For several years, we have become increasingly aware of the impact of our daily consumption. I try to be aware of the products that I purchase, where they are from? It is not always easy as we live in a world where marketing is the key. We are stimulated by things all day long. By engaging in responsible consumption, we can act at very different levels, on economic, social or ecological issues. We need to be aware of our planet and it will help our health too.

Malina Joshi
Miss Nepal World 2011

Had it been few years earlier, I’d say I do impulse purchases almost every other day. But with time and maturity, I am quite conscious about what and why I am buying. So there are hardly few impulse purchases. 
We all should consider the social impact of what we consume. Here, I mean the product association with oneself. About the environmental impact, I definitely take it into consideration, we all should. Looking at the current situation, it’s unpredictable when the world is coming to an end. We can at least do what we can. You don’t know when we will run out of resources. Let’s be wise using it.

Santosh Pandey
Co-founder/ Director, Offering Happiness

I am not very fond of shopping. I purchase things if it’s on my list, usually on need basis. I make very rare impulse purchases. However, I am early adopter for few categories, mostly digital products and services. Most of the time when I buy or consume something, I consider the impact that the product might cause on the environment and society. My preferences are eco-friendly products and ethically sourced products. I think knowing products, processes and its impact on society, environment and health is very important. This will make us rational consumers, and I personally feel good when I consider these factors.

Shabana Khatun
Fitness Trainer & Entrepreneur

The economy today is driven by capitalistic trends and with attractive marketing strategies, it is very hard for me to refrain from impulsive buying.  However I am happy to say that sustainability is hitting the market globally and now we do have a niche group of eco friendly buyers. For me, as an entrepreneur I do have to consider the effects and the value proposition I bring into the market, so I often evaluate the pluses and deltas of whatever I buy. I think this is important if we continue with this rate of using our resources and keep up with the fast fashion trend as we may not have anything left for the future generations.

Sushma Karki
Makeup Artist & YouTuber

Yes, I am an impulsive buyer. Most of the purchases that I make are driven by impulse. I used to do a lot of impulse purchases when I was free but after I started working, I do not have enough time and hence my purchases are limited which I think is good for me.

It is a very difficult task to consider social, environmental and other aspects of what I purchase as I am an impulsive buyer but time and again I try my best to consider all the aspects of my purchase and note my footprint. I think it’s extremely important to consider social and environmental aspects of our purchases. We should try and consider the effects that we are leaving as a result of our purchases as we all should try to leave the world a better place.

Kritika Lamsal
Co- founder, Sweet Fix Pops

I do impulse purchase every now and then. If I am visiting a new place or if I see a new product on social media, more often than not, I buy things that I hadn’t intended to a few moments before. It mostly happens in case of food and accessories. For a few years now, I have become mindful of where the things I consume come from – be it my clothes, accessories, house decor, or food. I usually opt for products that are natural or ethically sourced, especially those that have a story behind them.

I won’t deny that I still occasionally buy fast fashion and have opted for plastic packages every now and then, but I am genuinely trying to change it. Like everyone else, I too wish we had more pocket friendly and accessible options but the irony is that these changes will only happen when there is a big shift in our consumption patterns. Our small purchases are what keep market going. If there is more demand for natural food or slow fashion, there will be an adequate and accessible supply of it. If we are conscious of our purchase decisions and act accordingly, it would make an impact, however small or big it is.  

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