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Srijana Regmi

I naturally have a fast metabolism and I have been a vegetarian for the majority of my life so if I am not watching the nutrients I get from my food it’s very easy for me to lose the little muscle I have. When people make comments like “oho kasto dublako”, “you look so skinny” it used to bother me and stress me out which did me no good.

After doing a lot of self-reflection I realised that it’s my own opinion on my body that matters to me more than other people’s opinions. It’s important for me to like my own body because if I don’t feel physically fit I can’t feel mentally fit either. Exercise and meditation are two things I practice so that I feel good about myself. When I know that I am in good shape, it doesn’t matter what other people think. When I know I am not, it’s time to get to work!


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Amy Sakya
Executive Director, Park Village Hotel

Amy Sakya
Executive Director, Park Village Hotel

We are social beings. Society shapes us in ways that sometimes we don’t realise. So, I don’t think there is a concrete yes or no to this question, maybe it can be answered by how much I let it influence me.

My whole life I have stood out because of my body structure (used to be a skinny kid with a busty chest). In school my friends used to call me “boobies”, but that never got to me because I just accepted my body for what it was. That doesn’t mean there weren’t days when I wanted them to just be a normal size. But I have always had a good confidence level and never let it bother me too much.

In general, I have always had a very cool attitude, so that usually helps me to deal with an awkward situation in life. In my late 20s, I put on enormous weight due to PCOS which is a hormonal disorder in women that makes it extremely hard to lose weight. Having always been comfortable in my skin, I didn’t allow other’s opinions about my weight gain affect how I see myself. Due to peer pressure, I have tried dieting, opted for workout sessions which I chose for my health benefits not because of the reference points we are given by the society and different digital platforms regarding body shape and size.

There are times I complain about my tummy popping out or my thighs being too big, but it hasn’t influenced my body image or self-esteem as when I look in the mirror while getting ready I know I am fabulous and I am just me.


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Supriya Tuladhar
Media Personality

One should never let the mind bully the body. More than what people think of you, what is important is how you feel and think about yourself from deep within I believe more than convincing others, one should focus more on convincing oneself. As long as I feel healthy, fit and happy inside out and am confident with the way I look and feel, anyone else’s opinions about my body structure doesn’t matter to me. Love yourself and love your body.


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Girish Khatiwada
Rapper, Music Producer & YouTuber

Other people’s opinions don’t affect and hamper my thoughts because I mostly listen to and compete with myself rather than with other people. But sometimes when it is a genuine comment, it works as feedback and guidance. I am fine with my body. I eat healthily and keep my body active. Public opinions don’t bother me.


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Bisheshta Shrestha
Co-Founder, Gynabodh Research and Development Services

As much I would like to say that it doesn’t impact me, it does. From a very young age, I have always been shamed for not meeting society’s bi-standard which has conditioned me to hate my body. This conditioning is hard to break out from, there are days when my feminist guard is high and I scream “my body, my choice” and there are days when I feel like I am not happy with the way I look. Hence, every day I try to love myself a little, appreciate what I have, and try to break free from the vicious cycle.


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Parakram SJB Rana
Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

As much as I try not to allow them to influence my body image, being in a field where a lot of people follow you and give you their opinions, it is does affects me to an extent if they have a negative things to say about my body. However, you need to understand your body type and be the best version of yourself in terms of remaining healthy and fit, that’s what is most important. It should never be solely about losing weight to feel good. Some people get six packs by working on their abdominal region for 20 minutes a day and some need as little as two minutes a day. Everyone has a different body type so that shouldn’t stop you from eating clean, sleeping well, drinking plenty of water, and doing your daily dose of physical activity. That is when you will truly be and look your best.


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