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Dispute over film ‘Ek Bhagavat Gita’ resolved

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Kathmandu: The dispute over the title of ‘Ek Bhagavat Gita’ has been resolved after the producers agreed to change the title of the movie.

According to the agreement reached between the complainants and the film producers, the movie will now be called ‘Ek Bhagavat Ra Ek Gita’ (a social story).

It may be noted that Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh, Shiv Sena Nepal, Vishwa Hindu Yuva Sangh, and Jagatguru Ashram, along with 13 organisations associated with Hindu Jagaran Nepal, filed a complaint at the Film Development Board to stop the screening of the film ‘Ek Bhagavat Gita’. They have argued that the title and characters of the movie hurt Sanatan Dharma. And accordingly, the board has reportedly stopped the endorsement process required to screen a movie.

We played a guardianship role in forging an agreement between the two sides, which augurs well for the movie industry, said Board Chair Bhuvan KC. Film producer Sunil Kumar Thapa said that the movie will be screened with a new title on the pre-scheduled date of September 15. “Respecting everyone’s sentiments, we agreed to change the title. However, the film does not hurt any religion or community,” he said.

Directed by Jharna Thapa, the film stars Bipin Karki, Suhana Thapa, and Dhiraj Magar, among others.

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