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Isn’t it amazing that you can literally do anything you want on a date at home? You can turn up in lingerie or not, sit on his lap and watch Friends. Nobody will be there to stare at you. In fact, you don’t have to go from a spot to another, take a cab, worry about leaving your phone at the bar or stand in washroom queues. You can do whatever you want in the same place and make it a cozy one. Or you can amp up the game and look absolutely stunning with ambience and mood to match. Here’s how you can do it right.

Setting the mood is everything

Bright lights and all that just don’t make the cut. If you have dim lights, use them. Else get fairy lights and scented candles. You can throw in a couple of balloons, make the room smell like love and add a couple of flowers to the arrangement. It’s a date and the mood is important.

Dress for the date

Does it feel like a date if you are dressed like you are going for a cliff cleanup? Let bae know that he has to turn up in his evening shirt and cologne. It’s just not the occasion for him to wear shorts and a tee. And it’s highly likely considering it’s a home date. Put on your elegant, sexy dress and look like you are going on a date at rooftop bar of a five-star hotel.

Arrange for food and wine

Or you can cook together if you want! But if that’s out of the picture, order food that will give you the feel. That doesn’t mean making instant noodles at home or ordering dal bhaat. It should feel like you are on your second or third date and not like he has already seen you having a messy sub with no table manners. Pair it with an alcohol of your choice. Serve it in nice serve ware if possible.

Keep your playlist ready

Be organised and make a romantic playlist in advance. What’s the point if you are sitting there looking for songs while he is staring at you with a smile that hides his boredom? And then you can dedicate some time to slow dancing with him while “I wanna grow old with you” plays in the backdrop.

Plan an activity

Food is love but that cannot be your main activity. Plan a movie night or do a pre-dinner spa session. If games are your thing, sit down for a post-dinner sesh. Look outside the window and talk the night away with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand. Or get down and dirty with some sexy time. It’s your space, your moment and you can plan it the way you want.

Make sure your space is comfy

What often gets overshadowed is the seating arrangement. Make sure you have already made space for you to slow dance and maybe lit up the area. If you are going to sit down and play games, how about keeping a mattress or a carpet handy? You shouldn’t walk out of the date with your butt bone aching and for all the wrong reasons.

Kiss often

Lastly the best thing about at home dates is that you can kiss as much as you want. So kiss often and make out between episodes. Make out during an episode. Add tongue tennis to your list of activities.

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