by Sukkum Chemjong Limbu

Bishant Neupane started his culinary journey in Shimla, India as a BHM (Bachelor in Hotel Management) student. Schooled by the top chefs from the Oberoi Group, a luxury hotel group in India, he was introduced to the best in the industry since the start. After working in a local bakery during college, he later went on to work at the Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi, and therafter at the Le Méridien Ile Maurice in Mauritius. Trained under experienced and qualified chefs from different corners of the world, his passion for pastry and bakery gathered fire under their influence. On returning to Nepal, he was quickly absorbed by the Nepal Deltin Casino and Marriott Hotel.

Now an entrepreneur, chef, as well as teaching at the New Summit College, Bishant is focused on giving a unique expression to his product, the Le Monal Chocolates built on the concept of creating luxurious chocolates with a native touch of flavours.

In this issue of WOW, the creative Bishant shares with us two chocolate recipes that you can recreate from the comfort of your home.

Wine and Yak Cheese Truffle

• 250 gms 59% dark chocolate
• 50 gms grated yak cheese
• 40 ml cream
• 20 ml red wine (Big Master)
• Tempered dark chocolate (couverture) for dipping
• Dutch cocoa powder

• In a heavy bottom sauce pan, put the cream and bring to boil
• As it begins to boil, take off the fire and mix in the grated yak cheese
• Add chocolate and mix till the chocolate has melted (if the chocolate has not melted put in a double boiler to melt the chocolate)
• Lastly add the wine and mix well.
• Put this mixture in the freezer to set
• After it is cooled and firmed, hand roll the truffle and dip in tempered dark chocolate
• Cover with cocoa powder to finish

Dark Chocolate and Whiskey Bonbons

• 150 gms 43% dark chocolate
• 120 gms cream
• 50 ml Jack Daniel Tennessee Whiskey
• Dark couverture chocolate 59% for chocolate shells
• A pinch of sea salt

• Cut the dark chocolate 43% and put into a bowl
• In a heavy bottom pan bring cream to boil
• After the cream boils, pour it into the chocolate to make a normal chocolate ganache
• Add the whiskey and mix well to make it a whiskey ganache
• Temper dark covertures chocolate 59% and use polycarbonate mould to make the chocolate shell and put it into the freezer for few minutes to set
• Fill the chocolate shells with the whiskey ganache
• Close the filled chocolate shells with tempered dark chocolate and demould after the chocolate sets.

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