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Chocofun’s “Only Chocofun” Campaign: Adding Sweetness to Childhood

by wowmagazine

Kathmandu: Sujal Foods Private Limited, Nepal’s foremost confectionery company, is thrilled to launch its latest advertising campaign, “Only Chocofun,” celebrating the enduring love for its flagship product, Chocofun. This multi-media campaign will resonate with audiences nationwide through television, radio, digital media, social media, and various publishing platforms.

Chocofun, Nepal’s original chocolate wafer, has been a childhood favorite for over two decades. “Only Chocofun” reaffirms its role in enhancing childhood experiences, adding vibrant colors to every moment. “Only Chocofun” portrays real-life moments of children enriched by Chocofun’s presence. The advertisements showcase children interacting, cherishing life, and savoring the mouth-melting delight of Chocofun, symbolizing joy, companionship, and success.

Produced by Sujal Foods Private Limited, an ISO 22000:2018 Certified company, Chocofun maintains impeccable quality and taste. With state-of-the-art technology and strict hygiene standards, it offers an outstandingly crispy and crunchy wafer.
Sujal Foods Private Limited believes the “Only Chocofun” campaign will capture hearts, becoming an integral part of children’s lives, and enriching the love for this timeless treat.

As the campaign unfolds across various media channels, it reminds us of the simple joys of life, the sweetness of childhood, and the enduring appeal of Chocofun. With “Only Chocofun,” the best moments are those accompanied by a Chocofun.

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