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Natural and healthy ingredients crafted into unique tea blends that add to your wellness

Text: Ankita Jain

Suiro teas make sure you enjoy good tea like it should be. Sourcing quality teas from within Nepal and making them available online for tea lovers in the country, Suiro currently offers two hand crafted tea blends: Beauty Blend and Clarity. “Our teas are whole leaf, flavourful and healthy. No artificial colours and additives are used in the blend,” says Shrisha Pradhananga, Founder of Suiro Teas.

Beauty Blend is a lightly sweet and sophisticated cup with the taste of lemongrass, jasmine and globe amaranth. Further, the tea blend sprinkles lively rose hips to gently scent the steam and add lushness to the cup. It is naturally caffeine-free so you can enjoy unlimited cups. The loose leaf teas are sourced from the certified organic fields of Jun Chiyabari, Hile, Dhankuta. Also, the blend of these ingredients helps in cleansing the stomach resulting in clear skin. So simply, sink a spoonful of fragrant leaves specked with dried petals, steep and brew the tea for that radiant skin. For added taste, you may also add cardamom powder and a strain of saffron to the usual cup. Usually good quality tea has a natural sweetness to it alike Beauty Blend, and though chai is refreshing, tea is best without sugar or milk.

Shrisha, who founded Suiro in 2018, speaks passionately about how she has nurtured it valuing the various feedback received over the year. “I am grateful to the customers who shared honest reviews with us and we have improved gradually. Since it is hand crafted, we had opportunities to pay attention to every minute feedback shared by tea lovers and include it in our next production.”

The other blend named Clarity has a strong flavour of mint that appears in shades of gold flowed out of the spout and tangoed with the rays of the late afternoon sun. The ingredients of this blend include wild mint, chamomile, rhododendron, Himalayan bouquet and basil. The blend works wonders in the cold and has a captivating floral fragrance. The flavour of mint could be a little subtler for that refreshing and calming effect.

The idea of hand crafted teas entered Shrisha’s mind when she was a part of an education program in Dolpa by Snow Yak Foundation. “I was introduced to plants with medicine properties and this led to my researching hand crafted tea blends,” she recalls. While Suiro offers two blends currently, it will soon launch other four blends — some as exotic as marigold and detox, others as celebrated as energy tea.
A pack of Suiro Tea lasts for a month and is priced at Rs 950.

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