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Swastima Khadka

I think gender stereotypes do exist in movies and the roles we play because it is said that movies are a reflection of the society we live in. As it prevails in the society, it is in the movies. Having said that, movies are a medium which can change people’s perspective, so as an artist and as a part of the film industry, we have the responsibility to change that perspective and break gender stereotypes like generalisation and gender roles. But movie makers don’t really focus on this while writing characters. However, it’s gradually changing. We have a few film makers who make movies from a different perspective trying to break these stereotypes but it is a slow process. Besides, a few ad films have been made to break these stereotypes recently.

Srijana Regmi

I am all for breaking gender stereotypes in society and I think film can be a great tool to inspire change in real life. Specially, media that children consume should pass through levels of careful evaluation and scrutiny so that there is no pre-imposed idea about what they can or cannot be. Heterosexual definition of how a human should or should not behave is largely guided by toxic patriarchy which affects all genders including cisgender men. It’s high time we see each other as free human beings and act from a place of love and respect. Art imitates life and life imitates art, film is one of the most influential art forms that can bring awareness in people and it has and always will play a great role in breaking gender stereotypes.

Sushma Karki

Film has a direct impact on society’s gender stereotype. It portrays perfect people with higher education, very rich, pretty faces, ideal bodies which is very wrong. We need to break down every form of gender stereotype to stop its negative consequences on society that have a greater impact later in life. Gender equality is a very beautiful thing that will lead to economic growth, improve freedom, strengthen families, advance democracy and worldwide peace.

Binod Paudel
Director & Writer

Sadly, the main stream films are trapped in a clichéd mentality portraying women and transgender in a stereotype. Most so-called good films and film makers present women as commodity; the selling element only. Transgenders are shown in a comic manner. Cinema is an art form where we explore human psychology and the journey of human emotions at very subtle levels. This only happens when you experience and observe the society and people objectively.

However, some film makers now in Nepal are changing. We can see women now in the lead characters in Nepali films. But unfortunately, the audience is not ready to accept the change. They prefer male actor in a lead character. So, the change has to be from both sides. The social perspective has to be transformed too.  The education system and culture need to be transformed to see the transformation in gender stereotyped. This takes time. It does not happen overnight. It is a gradual process.

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