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Some days are good, and some can be challenging. Stressful circumstances, yo-yoing hormones or a cocktail of both can often lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious. Sometimes to the point of feeling helpless and inability to do regular work. Here, we recommend a stabling beauty routine that will boost your self-esteem, calm and rejuvenate you. A vial of essential oils is not a cure for anxiety, but the familiarity of following through the steps of a routine can offer a sense of stability. Our beauty regimens help promote mindfulness and connect with the present moment.

Beauty routines can be incredibly grounding. From selecting your skincare to applying healing products on your skin, spending a few quiet moments with yourself is a wonderfully healing thing to do. Indulging in these precious moments of self-care is also directly linked to our resilience. While this is just one step in the direction of creating calm, know that anxiety and stress are real and if you are struggling to cope, there is no shame in seeking the help of a mental health practitioner.

Here are some things to do:


Given aromatherapy’s proficiency as an effective tool for stress relief, it comes as little surprise that essential oils have become commonplace in our everyday conversations, and our beauty shelves. Studies have proven that inhaling a blend of ylang-ylang, bergamot and lavender can dial back stress and anxiety levels while also regulating blood pressure and heart rate. For a quick pick-me-up at work, the blend can be inhaled directly or applied on the skin in a diluted form.

Face Yoga

The practice of face yoga can send signals of relaxation to the brain and erase facial tension from our muscle memory. When we see a worried, tense face in the mirror, we can dive even more into a stressful state. However, when we relieve spasms from the facial muscles, we see a happy and relaxed face. The brain reads our positive emotions and as a result, stress levels decrease. Opt for a therapeutic warm shower to begin with and apply your go-to moisturiser on your face in upward motions. Massage your skin by working your way from the centre of your face towards the outer contours while applying light pressure with your fingers to refresh your skin, and your mood as well.

Hair Massage

For many of us, a vial of coconut oil serves as a time capsule back to the hot oil massages from our childhood. And in this case, granny does know best. Beyond promoting healthier locks, a relaxing hair massage can ease headaches and stress, promoting a deeper and restful sleep. To recreate its benefits, massage a portion of oil into your scalp gently without applying too much pressure. Wrap a warm, heated towel around your head for half an hour to allow the oil to sink in, before following your usual shampoo and conditioning routine for refreshed, nourished tresses.

DIY Spa Bath

If you are looking to wash away the stresses of a difficult day, trade in a hot shower for a relaxing bubble bath instead; a warm 20-minute soak will help soothe sore muscles and lull the brain into a tranquil state. For those looking to bring the spa home, it helps to prep by decluttering nearby shelves and the vanity top to turn your bathroom into a place of zen. Add in your preferred bath salts and pour in a few drops of essential oils to your bathwater or opt for a diffuser nearby to create your own peaceful haven. No tub, no problem, light a scented candle, play some light music and surrender to the shower allowing yourself to feel the water wash away the stress.

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