by Dr Sharad Singh Yadav

Having a dog in the house can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. Many people often get a dog just as a pet, but once they have one, they soon realise how important the dog is to the entire family. Dogs love their humans unconditionally, and they soon become a part of the family like any other person is. Therefore, owners must take care to provide only what is best for the dog. Here are the basics you must follow as a dog owner.

Quality Diet

This is one of the most important dog health care tips you can follow. Like any other member of your family, your dog too needs his nutrients and vitamins in order to remain healthy and happy. You will soon see the formation of a shiny hair coat, healthy skin and bright eyes if you provide a good diet to your dog. It improves bone health, immunity power, muscle health, mental acuity and a lot more.

Protected and Clean Environment

While these may all be the norm for humans, they are often ignored in the case of dogs. Good hygiene and protection from the hazards can go a long way in ensuring their mental and physical health.

Fresh Water

Unlike timings for meals, there should be no constraint to the amount of water that the dog can drink. Hydration is extremely important for his energy levels and overall health.

Veterinary Visits

In some cases, dogs are scared about having to visit the doctor, in many others, their owners do not have the time so they tend to push it indefinitely. In any case, dogs need to have regular check-ups from the doctors so that their health is never in any danger. You should have a record of the vaccination history of the dog and have a schedule for general deworming and parasite control. Remember that dogs, unlike humans, cannot communicate discomfort directly to you, therefore the onus is on you to take the prerogative.


Never ever feed your dog beyond his capacity. In many households, overweight dogs are the norm; this is construed to be a symbol of love and care he is receiving. However, exercise is more important than feeding the dog too much, so you should ensure that the dog is always running around and keeping fit in general. This can greatly improve his mood and general health.


Dogs are inherently intelligent. They can read the emotions of those close to them and are extremely social creatures. They need to be loved in order to maintain their mental health. By having a relationship, you can also understand any signs of illnesses that may be coming on.


If your dog is able to follow simple, basic commands from an early age, he can add value not only to his life but yours as well.

Dental Care

This is a common part of dog care for ‘German Shepherds’ and ‘Pomeranians’ since they are susceptible to a lot of gum diseases. Infections in the mouth can have serious implications which could even lead to premature tooth loss.

Nail Trimming and Grooming

If you have a dog which can grow a long coat, you should take care of any matts and ice balls which may form on the coat. Overgrown nails need to be trimmed too since they can reduce the mobility of the dogs.

Reproductive Control

Take a decision on whether you want puppies or not – if you do, prevent any mismatching by taking appropriate measures, and if you do not, neutering or spaying is definitely an option. Remember to consult your veterinarian about this early on.

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