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Barsha Rai Manandhar is a 23-year-old artiste who has been exploring music for some time. She recently released an original called ‘Bhawana’. While trying different genres of music, she does get identified with RnB. Barsha writes her own songs and they carry a message of hope and inspiration for people going through dark times.

In a conversation with WOW’s Anushka Shrestha, the passionate musician talks about her musical journey.

What got you into music?

My mother is also a singer so she would be singing, humming or listening to music. My father enjoys playing guitar and singing. Even my grandmother used to play the Banjo and my grandfather used to write plays. I would say my family got me into music.

Tell us something about your original song, ‘Bhawana’

‘Bhawana’ is my first attempt in writing a Nepali song. It is about how I felt about the dark space I was in. The emotions I was going through and pile of things that lead me to that phase. But I have also talked about faith in it. It is a mixture of emotions and it is amazing how a tiny amount of faith will get you out the darkness you have created for yourself.

Is music your profession?

I don’t want to claim it as my “profession”.  It is something I love to do and can’t live without. It is like an escape for me. I just love it. It is like a spiritual thing. I feel connected with myself when I write.

What do you do besides music?

I am currently studying for my Bachelor’s degree. I love anything that’s art, nature, food, sports and books. I am learning, growing and exploring every day.

Your take on female musicians in Nepal…

I am very proud to see female musicians growing but I still think there’s a long way to go society wise. I don’t really care about what society thinks but there are a lot of girls who are so talented but are not able to pursue music due to various societal reasons. We have to take small steps and make a change because we are the society at the end of the day. I wish there were more female musicians to work with.

Do your songs carry a message?

There are a lot of people going through these issues in life and I want to bring awareness on mental health through my songs and say that you are not alone in this. We can overcome anything in life and people’s opinion doesn’t matter.

Tell us something about your creative process

My creative process usually depends on what I have been through or what inspired me. I may write tunes first or lyrics first or both at the same time. Sometimes I wake up at night and record a tune. Sometimes, I scribble lyrics or write it in a memo and the next day I can’t even read it properly as I had written it while I was half asleep. I can be inspired anywhere, anytime and I enjoy it. I have written some songs in a few minutes while for some, I have spent days getting it together.

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