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Asmi Shrestha, Priyanka Karki, Raveena DS Chapman | Khukri Rum Presents WOW Saturday Brunch E08

by wowmagazine

In the new episode of “Kukri Rum presents Wow Saturday Brunch,” the spotlight shone on two remarkable women, Priyanka Karki DS Joshi and Ravina Desraj Shrestha, known affectionately as a sasu-buhari (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) duo. Their captivating presence brought forth inspiring tales and lively dialogues, making for an episode filled with delightful surprises and unfiltered moments that illuminated their lives and philosophies.

During the show, both guests shared intriguing tidbits about themselves, offering insight into their unique talents and personalities. Priyanka showcased her uncanny ability to make her hands dance and her fascination with solving Rubik’s cubes. She candidly admitted to an aversion to hot drinks, even when nursing a cold. In contrast, Ravina disclosed her past as a tomboy and her introverted disposition.

The episode further included an “Uncomfortable” round, where the host turned to a rum board to address challenging questions from their eager audience. These queries spanned a wide spectrum, encompassing topics such as reality shows and their perspectives on life’s ebbs and flows. Priyanka highlighted her commitment to co-producing high-quality films and expressed her wholehearted support of Ravina’s second marriage, advocating for acceptance and respect of individuals living authentic lives.

Ravina seized the opportunity to debunk unwarranted rumors about her personal life, particularly false claims regarding her involvement with her boss, Anil Shah. The conversation delved into their personal journeys, detailing how they met their respective partners and the formation of their meaningful relationships. Ravina underscored the significance of mutual effort in nurturing genuine connections.

In essence, this episode provided a revealing peek into the lives of two influential women, unraveling misconceptions and unveiling personal stories. Their candid exchanges and playful revelations left a profound impression, serving as a heartening reminder of the value of authenticity and self-empowerment.

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