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by Vartika Upadhyay

“I always try to present my art in a way that has never been done before,” says Roshan Dangol, an artist whose work is centred on realism and impressionism.

Roshan found a love for art at a very young age. He was just in grade three when he already knew that he wanted to become an artist. At three, he had already started to draw and paint. He shares that academically he wasn’t the brightest kid but art gave him recognition. From drawing classes to painting, his journey is one of passion and persistence. For Roshan, art is magic. “Art is an emotion that words fail to describe,” he says.

‘Glance’ was his first painting made straight out of his imagination. He explains that Glance is a moment in time captured for eternity. “The glance is only a split second, but it contains a lifetime of memories. The painting depicts the precise moment Radha, then 16 years old, and Lord Krishna, then 11 years old, said their final goodbyes to one another. To further the greater good, Lord Krishna and Radha sacrificed their love for one another,” he says.

The artist in Roshan believes that human life is for exploring everything and connecting with the energies of the world. He says, “The journey of an artist may be very alone, but it not lonely”. Rembrandt was his inspiration for many years, but now he is more influenced by the metaphysical aspects of the world, life and reality.

Art is an emotion that words fail to describe

He believes that every object, every individual has a story to tell. He absorbs these stories to inspire his art. Earlier he worked on painting from photos, he talks about how small details in a portrait can change the entire appearance of the object with just one small inaccuracy. He was compelled to practice accuracy. He would sit for hours in Durbar Square with sheets of paper drawing portraits of people around me. “I used to be there from morning until sunset, with an average of two hundred portraits a day,” he recalls. This helped him connect with the inner stories of people and gain accuracy and speed in his work.

His favourite medium is charcoal and oil. Roshan has always found himself drawn to portraits and figures and he surrenders to his work completely while painting. One of his most famous portraits in realism is the painting of Kumari.
Even though he has devoted his life to art, he also knows that the Goddesses Laxmi (wealth) and Sarasvati (knowledge) don’t always sit together. But nothing makes more sense to Roshan than following his heart. The future will take care of itself while he works to expand his repertoire and break boundaries by creating work that contributes to Nepali art.

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