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Ankita Pun is an artist whose work holds a lot of social meaning and messages, with most of her songs drawing from personal experiences. With over 44,000 subscribers on YouTube, she is one of the most watched youth artists today. The singer recently graduated from high school. To know more about what her musical journey, Anushka Shrestha from WOW caught up with the young and talented musician.

How did you get into music? 

I got into music through my parents as they had an enthusiastic interest in music. I used to sing along with them. I still remember when I was in grade four, I had participated in a singing competition in school and had won the competition. And that is what I believe sparked my interest in music even more. I also grew up listening to Narayan Gopal songs and other Nepali songs because my parents listened to it on the radio all the time. As I grew older, I learnt to play the guitar and started actively participating and performing in cultural programs in and around my hometown. 

My turning point was when I uploaded ‘Gairi Khet Ko Sirai Hanyo’ cover on Facebook which was loved, watched and shared by a lot of people. I then started doing cover videos on YouTube which eventually motivated me to write original songs. 

Tell us something about ‘Maili’ 

‘Maili’ is a single from my self-titled debut album. It was actually written by me and my sister Chahana Pun while I was writing original songs. I uploaded a short demo on my YouTube channel a year ago and got a very positive response which was loved by Purbanchal Rocks that led to an album contract. Later, when my sister and I completed the song, and we decided to dedicate the song to thousands of lahure families who have sacrificed everything for the betterment of their families. Maili’s music video is wonderfully portrayed by Media Port where it shows dedication, sacrifice and hard work to achieve a good life. It talks about a story of every family in an art form that is a tribute to the lahures, their families and friends.

How has YouTube helped your musical journey? 

YouTube has always been a platform for a lot of newcomers like us. It has been my closest friend and partner when it came to sharing my music with the world. I initially started by covering a few Nepali songs which was loved by a lot of people. Later on, I was suggested to start creating original music which I worked on and later released on the same platform. My originals were well appreciated and that is how my journey to my debut album started.

What is your song writing process like? 

I am actually a very sensitive person and I get attached to certain incidents happening in my life. Each song has its own story. When it comes to my writing, I write songs based on adverse situations in my life. Some of them are based on what I experience from my life and some of them are based on what I experience from society. I have written dozens of songs out of which seven of them are included in my debut album. I really recommend you to listen to my album when it goes live in the near future.

What are you currently working on? 

Completing my debut album has kept me the busiest apart from creating more music. I’ve just completed my high school and am planning for my further studies. I’m also spending my time with my friends, families and loved ones. 

How do you view the current Nepali music industry? 

Nepali music industry is really flourishing at this time. Nepali musicians are getting various platforms to grow. Various reality shows have been running yearly which creates an opportunity for struggling music artists to show their talents and also a lot of people are now coming with original music which I believe should help in growing our music industry.

Our music is also growing digitally and a lot of platforms are already offering little income compared to earlier times, which is motivating and encouraging young musicians like us to create more digital content. 

An artist you would like to collaborate with… 

I sometimes imagine myself working with Adele but that doesn’t seem to be happening in my real life anytime soon. But when it comes to collaborating at this time, here are a few names I would love to work with.

• Loc Punk 
• Jybs Gurung
• Albatross 
• Bartika Eam Rai 

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