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Akash Khadka – Bhatbhatey

by wowmagazine

Akash Khadka is back with his new song, Bhatbhatey. “The song is about how even the smallest of things are essential in a relationship.” he says. Akash has tried maintaining a fun theme in the song while focusing on relationship fundamentals.

Bhatbhatey is a fun song; with a delightful melody and fun lyrics, people of all ages can relate to Akash’s new creation. Produced by Saswot Shrestha at Omniphonics studio, the song has an immaculate production and takes influences from Bolly-pop and Nepali film music. The song is accompanied by a well-directed video featuring Prashamsha Rayamajhi, shot by Rupesh Shrestha and Kaushal Gurung, which follows the story of a young couple and their date to Sangha.

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