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As orders come to an abrupt halt, many new labels, young designers and even established brands are struggling to stay afloat. Since these homegrown brands employ Nepali craftspeople, their livelihoods and skills are also under threat. Supporting them, WOW continues to advocate all things indigenous and dedicates this special segment to the local brands. This festive season shop local and stand out with these ‘crafted with love’ bags.

Woven Clutch by Battiayo Nepal

This colourful woven clutch is from Battiayo. The clutch is crocheted by a women’s organisation which works with women working from home in Patan. The inner bag is sewn by the Battiayo team. The label is hand-cut by artisans in Kathmandu.

Doko Bag by Allare Nepal

Dokos have played a crucial role in sustaining the livelihoods of many Nepali men and women throughout the nation for centuries. Allare Nepal is known to translate tradition into everyday items. This pure leather Doko bag comes in various colours and syncs well with every age.

Putali Clutch by Pia Nepal

Putali clutch is a beautiful combination of silk brocade on black leather. Its elegance is inspired from the beauty of a butterfly’s wings, and its luxury comes from the hands of local craftsmen. The latest collection of Putali clutch also has a combination of black leather and suede, which is Pia’s signature style.

Cowrie Bag by Pia Nepal

Pia’s Cowrie bag is a handcrafted leather and suede bag with hand embroidered belt either with copper sequins or thread embroidery. These bags come in two variations. Cowrie shoulder strap bag and Cowrie belt bag.

Plaited bag by Nepal Knotcraft Centre

Add a bespoke piece to your look by sporting this unique hand crafted design. Made using banana fiber, leather and cane rings, this plaited bag by Knotcraft is a head turner. This bag is spacious enough to carry your favourite essentials.

Power Bag by Zolaani

Power bag by Zolaani is made of pure leather and each piece shows the skill of Nepali workmanship. The design is classic embossed with croc pattern, suitable for every look.

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