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Mahabir Pun
Researcher & Social Entrepreneur

To face any difficult day, I try to stay bold and stable. People who don’t have the guts to move forward in life always tend to fail. Moving forward is not the only thing, we need to be able to fight and overcome the situation. One really needs to be stable otherwise you quit easily even over minor obstacles. I like difficulties because it teaches and helps me to become stronger and more determined to move forward. 

Shreya Giri
Director, Prithivi Printing Press & Hulas Fin Serve

It really depends on how difficult a day it is. There is one thing though that has helped me get through difficult times without fail i.e. engaging in downward counterfactual thinking. But to allow myself to think counterfactually, I need my space and time alone which might not always be the case. At such times, I cloud my mind with thoughts about how the situation could have been worse as opposed to reality. This helps me view the actual outcome more positively. It helps me realise that worse can happen. Moreover, it makes me appreciate my life. This, in turn, makes me emotionally and mentally more stable to be able to logically focus on the stressor and solve issues calmly and collectively. 

Subin Bhattarai

Life is full of obstacles. Looking back at the past, I feel that difficult situations make us stronger and more capable. When you are going through difficult days, you tend to think that you may have to spend all your life like this, but when you overcome the situation, you realise that it’s temporary and all things pass. Overcoming difficult situations inspire and motivate us. Sometimes we can also find ourselves in a dark place with no light. But what we should understand is that you cannot achieve success until and unless you overcome failure and difficulties.

One of the biggest obstacles in my life came when I was seriously ill and had to lose two years of studies. I felt helpless at that time and even tried to commit suicide. I had no idea what was waiting for me in the future. I have put all that I went through at that time in my book “Priya Sufi”.

Life is a balance of happiness and sadness. The success after the taste of failure is amazing. Life is a maze where we don’t know what comes but we all get through it. I look back to my past difficult times when I need to get through a difficult day.

Santosh Shah

Whenever I face any difficult situation, I try to remember my past and think what I was and what I am now. I often compare the present obstacles with the past. Everyone has faced difficult situations once in their life time but the main thing is how you take it. Every problem has a solution; you get the solution either easily or laboriously. Whenever you have a difficult day think about the people living in rural areas and how they feel in their daily life before quitting. I remember my past and think about what I can do to solve the problem and move on.

Bipashi Tuladhar

Everyone goes through some level of difficulties in their life. No matter how rich or poor, single or married, working or not working, “It’s been hard lately” is quite a common line that we hear these days especially after the Covid situation. I am no different than any other human being; I go through the same roller coaster moments with my emotions. Depending on my mood and the situation, I do like to reach out to my close friends or my family but at times you just need to recharge yourself by isolating from the outer world. During my “me time” I like to watch a movie, scroll through tiktok, read motivational books, do vipassana meditation or pamper myself with skin care or with makeup.  

Riya Shrestha
Content Creator

Every time, I go through a difficult day, I like to sit alone at Java, eat my favourite cake and a glass of lemonade and look back at everything that I have achieved so far in life. In the end, I am filled with gratitude and strength to overcome whatever life throws at me.

Lastly, one of the key advices that I have ever received for stress management is to keep myself hydrated.

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