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Being trapped in a pandemic which feels like the Bermuda triangle, all we have is each other. When you’re feeling low, who do you call? When you are super annoyed and just want to vent, who is your go-to person? We need that outlet, we need that support so our mental health doesn’t go for a toss, right? And some people just make you feel so much lighter when you talk them. That’s because they know how to listen and understand. If you belong to one of these zodiac signs, then you are born to be a good listener.

You listen intently but you don’t say sugar-coated things just to be politically correct. You are very confrontational and will probably do it with a smile, but you will make sure you show the person both sides of the picture as an unbiased person. People love talking to you for insights they’d probably not get from other people in their life. This is what makes you incredibly good listeners.

You’re empathetic and intuitive, which means it’s easier for you to imagine yourself in their shoes and respond accordingly. In fact, you are able to pick the non-verbal cues and know when someone needs you before they even say anything! You hear them out and then crack a joke to lighten things up. You want nothing more than helping your loved ones feel happy and content. You probably know their favourite comfort foods and would send some over when catastrophe strikes.

Being an analytical person, you are the kind to just allow your beloved to sob and sulk. If they want to just rant, maybe you’ll hear them out for a bit but after that it’s problem-solving time. You will help them get to the root of their troubles and find a solution that works best – a strategy or a hug. You guys are not just good listeners but also amazing problem-solvers.

You are like a sage in your circle who may not say the words they want to hear but say things the way they are. Just because you are close to them is not reason enough for you to side with them. You will call them out for being wrong and then give them sound advice to fix things. If someone wants to solve problems peacefully, they consult you.

You love stories and when someone tells you what’s going on in their lives, it intrigues you. You want to know it all, the drama, the conflicts and all the juicy details. The more interesting it is the more patiently you will listen to it all. Of course, you do get cheap thrills by being someone’s confidante but you will never reveal their secrets, at least not of those close to you.

You come loaded with optimism and positivity. When your loved ones are feeling low, even a short conversation can fill them up with good vibes. You hear them out, share your own anecdotes and make them feel they are not in it alone. You wrap it up with words of wisdom and healing, and maybe a few jokes.

There is no zodiac sign more empathetic than you are. Combine that with your non-judgmental nature, you make the person venting feel they are in a safe space. You listen to them with utmost patience. In fact, you will never interrupt them or tell them to cut it short. You’ll stay up and listen if that makes them feel better.

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