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Travelling is always fun but it can play up. When your skin gets exposure to newer environments. Our skin care essentials while on the go depend upon multiple factors like your skin type, weather activities, and destination. Adequate information about the weather can be especially helpful Anushka Shrestha of WOW talks to three skincare experts to help you keep your skincare game strong while travelling.

Dr Shrujana Shrestha
Managing Director & Consultant Dermatologist, Absolute Aesthetics

Make sure to carry lip balm, hand cream to moisturise both hands and feet, face mist and regular intake of fluids to keep hydrating yourself inside out during a flight. 

If it’s a long flight don’t forget to carry wet wipes to clean your face and a moisturiser to follow and of course a hand sanitiser before everything else. 

While packing carry miniature skincare products, and cut down on the steps to basic routine. For instance, stick to same day and night routine and carry one or maximum two serums besides cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen.

Must haves are face sheet masks especially at night helps in quick rejuvenation. Tinted sunscreen cuts down on the makeup routine time, spray sunscreen and powder or roll-on sunscreen to reapply especially if visiting tropical countries .

While shopping no matter how tempting it is, don’t splurge on too many products. Try one or two but make sure to consult your dermatologist beforehand for best advice.

Dr Rupak B Ghimire
MBBS, MD Dermatology
Consultant Dermatologist, Aavaran Skin & Hair Clinic

Clothing, umbrella or hat according to the destination geography and weather conditions- One needs to plan on how to protect skin from cold, dust, dryness and sun. We need to protect not just face or exposed parts, but also be aware of skin conditions like scabies, fungal infections of body or toe, cold associated chilblains, frostbite and others.

Choosing a good sunscreen is very important. If you have oily skin and are going to hot humid conditions try using gel based sunscreens or powders. Make up can be applied over sunscreen. If you have dry skin or if you are visiting a dry area, try using cream based sunscreen. People with normal skin have relative freedom to choose preferably lotion, cream or gel depending upon the weather conditions.

Broad spectrum sunscreen protection is adequate. It is suggested to apply sunscreen at least 15-30 minutes before going outdoors and reapplication every 3-4 hours.

Using good moisturisers not just for face but body, lips, palms and soles.

One important factor that gets overlooked is hair care. Hair can be damaged with dust, air or water. So we need to use good shampoos and conditioners. 

Choose mild soaps or body wash and avoid scrubs or harsh washings always.

Samin Maharjan
Co-founder, Daily Derma

Cleanser- A hydrating cleanser is essential for dry skin. I love hydrating cleansers which cleanse without damaging the skin’s barrier and maintains skin’s ph level. While travelling I use ‘Good Morning low ph’ by COSRX.

Hydrating moisturiser- Moisturiser is important to keep skin hydration intact. I have a giant tub of moisturising cream at home, but when I am out and about, I like using hydrating moisturiser. Be on the lookout for key ingredients like ceramides, glycerin and peptides while choosing a moisturiser for face and body.

Sunblock- Sunscreen is a must. A common misconception is that sunscreen should only be applied outdoors. However, applying it indoors is equally important. Make sure you reapply sunscreen every three hours. One hack I use when travelling is that I always carry a sun stick. It is compact and reapplication is easy.

Hydrating sheet mask or facial mist- I like treating myself with sheet mask or facial mist while travelling. A quick spray on the face is all you need to feel refreshed. Hydration is what keeps your skin healthy.

Lip balm- Don’t forget your lips which are very important as they tend to dry easily. Get a lip balm which has at least SPF 15 or more.

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