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by wowmagazine

As temperatures drop, look hot with these five global beauty trends that are a must try for any fashionista.

Colour blocking: Fashion lovers are obsessed with colour and the best way to wear it is on your face keeping it real simple and bright. A big block of colour all over the lid, even taking it up a bit to the brow in shades of lilacs, purples and teals is in. Add a lot of mascara or fake lashes for that retro glamorous look.

Luxe skin: Skin should be very simple keeping it velvety and matte but with very little coverage. Luxe skin offers an all over moisturised shine, like a post-gym, post-facial glow which exudes radiance and health. Avoid layers of highlighter and strong coverage. Instead put a dot of glow primer or strobe cream into your foundation to personalise your perfect skin texture.

Healthy blush: Blush is having a big moment becoming more important than contour. It’s the look of health and freshness. Makes it look a bit outdoorsy when it’s higher up the cheeks and a little bit more to the front. Then sweep whatever’s left on the brush down the bridge of the nose. Experts also love these blush tones on the eyes and lips. You get to transform your face without too much product or lines or contours.

Blurred liner: The feline flick is an absolute classic and is always going to be gorgeous. Now’s the time to experiment and return to grunge eyeliner which is a bit more unfinished. A smudged lid pulled out a bit longer with the finger, a hard line underneath the eye or in the waterline. Very rock and roll, yet effortless. It’s about being cool as opposed to being perfect.

Glossy disco lips: Lip gloss is the trend at the moment. A disco update with lots of balmy colours and plump textures that’s very appealing. You can’t go wrong with a glossy red. It’s strong, powerful and sexy.

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