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Sameer M Dixit, PhD
Director, Research, CMDN/ Chairperson, INPL, COVID 19 Member, HEOC, Ministry of Health and Population, GoN and COVID 19 Advisory Team Member, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, GoN

I am known as a straightforward person and as such I am responding without the need to be politically correct. There are obviously more than three qualities I admire in a woman, but the following stand out.
For me good looks definitely matter as a desirable, admirable quality in a woman. Obviously, my choice of good looks may be different from someone else’s. Secondly, I find confidence in oneself as a quality that makes a woman attractive and admirable. One doesn’t have to be an exquisite beauty but confidence makes a woman attractive. Lastly, I find a sense of humor to be an amazing admirable and desirable quality in any woman. A woman who can give it as much as she can take it is an amazing quality!

Ravi Dhamala
CEO, Next Models Nepal

The qualities that I admire in a woman are:

Compassionate and forgiving: A woman gives her heart and head to anything they get involved with. That is why they are better in nurturing the relationship, working with patience, showcasing leadership and management skills.

Empathy: their ability to understand the situation, relationship or an individual has always been better than the males. They prove to be very supportive both emotionally and psychologically in any role they play being a mother, life partner, sister, daughter or a friend. Multitasking: they are able to do so many things without compromising on any. I also find that woman are very effective in expressing what they feel and think.

Jems Pradhan

The different roles of a woman is what I admire. Woman as a mother, and woman like CNN hero Anuradha Koirala doing wonders.

The beauty of women, no matter the colour, scars, etc, every woman is beautiful. They are amazingly good at multitasking and are inherently compassionate.

Shekhar Raj Kashaju
Founder, Fashion Network Nepal

Kindness: a good heart and humane behaviour towards all. Intelligence: ability to use their knowledge in the right direction in meaningful ways
Full of life: just being with her will give you good vibes and energy to celebrate life 

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