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In this issue of WOW, we bring you two young beauty and skincare enthusiasts who reveal their secret to always looking young and beautiful.

Chedu Gartaula
Instagram: chedu.makeupreneur

Chedu Gartaula is an emerging makeup artiste who is perfecting the art of fine blending. She is also a makeup educator who loves sharing her tricks and tips to make people look better. The makeup enthusiast started her career in 2019 and worked as freelancer makeup artiste until recently when she opened her own makeup studio. She works through appointments and runs regular makeup learning sessions.

Three products that top her list
• Eyebrow powder for me is the most important product to have in a makeup kit. My eyebrows are really thin so to make them look fuller and bushy I need my brow powder. 
• Mascara is my second favourite in my makeup kit and I guess it’s everyone’s favourite too as we all know the importance of long, fuller lashes. Adding just mascara makes a huge difference to your face because it makes you look really fresh.
• Blush, I love blush. It makes us look young and fresh. It adds warmth to our complexion and gives the skin a healthy glow.

Larisha KC
Instagram: zaynrisha

Larisha KC is a former makeup artiste who used to freelance during her college days. She is now an entrepreneur and recognised widely as the Founder and CEO of Lamuse Clothing and Beauty.

Three products that top her list
• Liquid Blush: I hated rosy, flushed look before Covid but now they have made a huge comeback especially the cream and liquid formulas as it is much easier to apply and blend. I cannot go anywhere without my Rare Beauty Liquid Blush. I overdo it sometimes with the ‘W’ blush technique but that’s okay because Tiktok confirms that I am not alone in my obsession. 
• Lip Plumper & Gloss: Plump and pouty lips is the standard of beauty now thanks to Miss Kylie. The easy and accessible way to achieve that without splurging on injectables is through lip plumper and gloss. Rihanna was the one who brought back glosses in 2018 with her Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb. Now that 2000’s trends are staging a comeback, glosses are and will be a staple in everyone’s bag replacing matte lipsticks.
• Big Lashes & Eyeliner: I really like the “clean girl” makeup look but I see Gen-zers on TikTok obsessed with “E-Girl” look. It is a mix of the emo and punk rock vibes of the late 2000’s with a hit of anime aesthetic. This style of makeup consists of dramatic winged liner and big lashes to mimic doe eyes. The ‘Brat’ lashes by Lamuse Beauty is perfect to achieve
this look. 

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