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by wowmagazine

Why does a war happening so far away bother me so much, question some friends. As an answer, a quote by Martin Luther King Jr. sums it up best for me: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

In a world of connectedness like never before, how can we turn the other cheek to something that is happening to millions of people, not of their choice or will but because of politics and leadership aggression. My heart cringes and my blood boils when I see images of helpless parents trying to shelter and protect their young, when young girls are abducted and heinously raped, when a mother cries in frustration unable to feed her family, when doctors look on helplessly unable to save a life because of lack of supplies, when a young boy cries bewildered having lost his entire family… it’s not okay, violence and mindless killing can never be okay.

This is 2024, we have made technological progress and scientific advancements that can do so much good, that can help humans prosper and live better, yet our acts defy the genius of our brains.

This is 2024, and on the land that I live, I still see poor politics, bad leadership, increased corruption and crime, and the young leaving the country in despair and hopelessness.

This is 2024, and I can only pray for peace, for humility and for kindness and wisdom to prevail. That was Gaza, that was Ukraine, that was Russia but that day is not far when it could be us.

This is 2024, and somethings that each one of us can do to instill hope and healing and happiness into the new year is to think and act with awareness and integrity, to practice minimalism, to give freely, to create safe spaces for meaningful discussions and actions within our homes and in the community, to be courageous in making decisions that may even find us standing alone, to practice wellness for ourselves, our families and the earth, to stand up for a weaker person and to stand against injustice in the home, in the parliament, in the judiciary in government because it’s 2024 and if not you, who; if not now, when.

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