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We are living in a time of great transition: political, social, cultural, mental. We are also living in two worlds: the real and the virtual. We work crazy hours, we work around calendars and schedules, we live around the complexities of finding balance between professional and personal lives, and we are constantly trying to build confidence and destroy fear, we are told to think big and not settle for less… and once in a way in the midst of this life, in our quietest moments, we are also filled with doubt and questions as to ‘is this the life we really want’.

Living in a super specialized world where technology interfaces ensure that the quality of our living is increasingly superior, I often listen to friends talk about a disconnect in ‘having it all, yet feeling nothing’. And this makes me think back to the days we spent isolated in our homes, facing a virus that we knew so little about, uncertain about what tomorrow would bring, and inside I found with deep certainty that the purpose of our life is not to hold on to our gifts but to let go. And I understood that there are three qualities that we need to practice more:

Practice appreciation: Our environments today teach us to focus more on what’s not right rather than on what’s right. We even take the very gift of life for granted. Practicing appreciation implies that we focus on what’s positive. And when we practice appreciation, we are kinder to ourselves and to others, we develop stronger relationships, we build on our values, and we function with more motivation and generosity.

Practice gratitude: Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. When we are deeply thankful for what we have, our sense of self worth becomes stronger, our relationships thrive, and we live a life of positive actions. When we cultivate gratitude, our life’s purpose and intent become stronger and more meaningful.

Practice self-belief: When you believe in yourself, you are able to embrace who you truly are. Belief allows you to grow, it allows you to be alright with life’s challenges and change and discomfort. It allows you to experiment and improve. And it teaches you about determination, optimism, truth, and living with intention. It also allows you to make mistakes, and not cower but learn from them.

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