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by wowmagazine

A year filled with transitions is coming to a close and I think back to all the uncertainties and odds we faced individually and collectively. It wasn’t easy at all, but for me, it didn’t really change the essence of my being or my love for the work I do. I have had to adapt to new rhythms in how things are done, but the core of what I do remains true to the values and intentions it began with.

At WOW, we continue to find purpose and meaning in sharing stories that make us laugh and cry and celebrate people, we love to ignite conversations that makes us think, understand and respond to change, we enjoy the many aspects of what it means to be a global Nepali, and we ensure that we focus on growth, progress and self-development through articles on food, fitness, mental health, beauty and more.

This past year has also been about adaptations for us as a team. We have moved into the digital space and created a hybrid model of communication between print and digital. It’s been exciting for us as a team to learn and translate our concepts on newer platforms, to understand and interact in real time. All of this was not just response to change, it came with a lot of thought and intention where we enable innovation, engage more meaningfully, and use digital tools better.

It is undoubted that the pandemic has created huge and lasting changes which can often feel overwhelming and may require us awhile to transition into in terms of how we work, live and function. But everything in life changes and none of us is alone in this.

I believe humanity has faced and adapted to disruptions before, we will come through this too. We must not forget the power of purpose, positivity, prayer and gratitude in the new year.

Stay healthy, hopeful and always kind. Happy 2022!

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