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The new working-from-home routine certainly had an effect on what designers turned out. Wide-leg trousers made for bold strides; floaty, sheer maxi dresses promised easy glamour; and ladylike ensembles pimped with a touch of sportswear felt suitably modern. Time to play dress up with 2021 fashion trends. You’ve got the time. 


Those who love shades of rose will have a field year this year as the colour is being highlighted on SS21 runways like never before. That is not to say this season’s pinks aren’t fairytale-fantastical—they are!—but that it is also a lot more fun…and fierce. Frothy, tiered, bubblegum-pink gowns, presented with combat boots that you can go to the ball or grocery-shopping in; or shiny, metallic-pink floor-sweeping dresses. Even fuscia cut-out pantsuits or midriff-flossing co-ords, for a playful-but- mean-business iteration.


Nothing is more alluring than a woman with a good head on her shoulders…and a good shoulder on her outfit. As the strong-shoulder trend continues to be a rage, it is even more exaggerated this year, so don’t be afraid to go to town. Pick a padded or sculpted option to emit an effortless power-dressing vibe, or a billowy, voluminous one to spell whimsical playfulness. All else in between works just as well, too.


You can’t be in 2021 and not expect a fashion-revolution for masks. Eccentric masks, boasting bizarre prints and patterns, outlandish designs, and other such, are the order of the day. Matchy-matchy is boring, so go for pieces that sit in contrast with your outfit. And don’t over- accessorise with other add-ons or you may steal their thunder.


As comfort reigns supreme post-lockdown, too, the skinny jeans have had to let go of their top spot, and give room to their wide-legged, baggy cousins. High-waisted and relaxed, the new silhouette works best with fitted tops, like bralettes, bandeaus, crop tops, et al, or even oversized blouses and button-down shirts tucked in. You can layer with chic outerwear to get more from the look.


Designers have further reinvented athleisure and activewear this season, to afford a more sporty, lounge-y disposition. Which means your regular track-and-field staples— tennis skirts, compression tanks, sports jackets, jerseys, sweats, the works—can easily be taken outside the sports arena. The outfits come in a mix of innovative (tech, moisture-wicking, synthetic) and plush (suede, tulle, sheer) fabrics, complete with on- trend prints, patterns, and hues.

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